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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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week french forces with american help retook it and today the french president capped the triumph with a quick visit to the city whose people had suffered under the severe islamic code known as sharia law. elizabeth palmer reached tim timbuktu behind the french advance. >> it was a victory lap for french president francois hollande. >> the troops he sent into mali three weeks ago chased islamic extremist out of timbuktu to the relief and joy of the inhabitants. >> the extremists not only terrorized the people with public lashing and executions they also desecrated the heritage of this ancient desert trading post. its elaborate mud brick mosques are protected by the united nations and so were its tools built for islamic saints nearly 700 years ago. >> is this the original. >> a local resident show showed
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me two of them now in ruins. >> last spring the extremists decided they weren't islamic enough and sent in a wrecking crew. >> we were heart heartbroken sidi told us but when we protested they fired their guns in the air to drive us away. >> at timbuktu's library the extremist turned to arson just before they fled in january. torching some of the 300,000 ancient arabic documents. >> but today the librarians have good news for france's president, the timely arrival of his army meant less than one percent of the collection has been destroyed. >> now feeling safe again the people of timbuktu want the french army to stay. >> mali an troops alone they say can't keep the extremists at bay .. but for the french government, mindful of america's recent losses in afghanistan and iraq leaving these soldiers here for much longer is simply
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not an option. >> elizabeth has left timbuktu now and is in the town of bamako. >> the united states was also instrumental in the french victory. >> reporter: it certainly was, the united states offered big military transport aircraft to bring french trucks and french soldiers here into mali, they also offered midair fueling for french planes, including fighter planes and going forward the united states is going to pledge more than $10 million to try and train up those malian troops so they can secure their own country in the months ahead. >> elizabeth palmer on the road from timbuktu. thank you, elizabeth. >> pelley: here at home negotiations are continuing this evening with the alabama man who is holding a five-year old boy hostage in an underground tornado bunker. the standoff in midland city is now in its fifth dayable and manuel bojorquez is there.
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>> police have shared few details about negotiations with jimmy lee dykes. they are speaking to him through a four-inch ventilation pipe connected to his underground shelter, his five-year old hostage has been identified only as ethan, dale county sheriff wally olson. >> he told us he has an electric heater and blankets inside that he is taking care of him. he also allowed us to provide coloring books, medication toys, and i want to thank him for taking care of our child. >> police would not say if dykes has made demands. the 65-year-old allegedly forced his way on to this school bus tuesday and demanded hostages. police say dykes shot and killed driver charles poland jr. when he resisted. cindy steiner's grandson was on the bus. >> he seized the bus driver and this man who done the shooting
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he sees blood here is the gun, he hears a lot of screaming. >> is he having nightmares? >> yes. >> one neighbor told us dykes spoke of making worldwide news some day. others said he was often hostile and convinced the government was out to get him. but we have learned dykes is a navy veteran who served in the late sixties in japan and california, where he received awards for good conduct. >> people who know the hostage say he has autism and needs medication. tells me he has never been away from his mother this long. >> manuel, thanks very much. >> pelley: as president obama pushes for new gun control laws, the white house released a remarkable photograph today to back the president's claim of being a skeet shooter, the photo dated august 2012 shows the president shooting at camp david in a recent interview mr. obama says he understand it is views of gun owners because he is a
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sports shooter himself, leading some to question whether the president had ever fired a gun. over the last few days, one major american media company after another has announced that it has been attacked by hackers, twitter says its system was broken into and we have heard the same from three of the nation's biggest newspapers. some of these companies suspect that china is behind all of this and nancy cordes has been investigating. >> twitter called it an extremely sophisticated attack, that may have compromised as many as 250,000 user names passwords and e-mail addresses. a top official at the social networking site posted this message. this attack was not the work of amateurs, he said, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. twitter won't say who is behind the attack, but it is the fourth high profile hacking to surface this week. atto date the washington post revealed it too had been targeted following similar announcements from the wall
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street journal and "the new york times". all three newspapers say they suspect the attacks originated in china. based on our experience, we would say there is a high degree of activity that originates from there. >> dave merkel is with mandiant the secure company that helped the post and the times identify and shut down the attacks. he says it is nearly impossible for companies to completely eliminate the threat of getting hacked. >> no matter what you spend or what you do there is always some size of gap and 35 is an attacker that is sufficiently motivated that is persistent that is dedicated to stealing what you have they will succeed. >> twitter says it will notify anyone whose account may have been rocompromised and claims only a small percentage of users were affected scott recent analysis by the pentagon discovered 44 percent increase in cyber attacks just between 2009 and 2011. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. here in new orleans worries of all kinds have been put aside
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just for this weekend and for america's biggest party. >> people from all over are here to watch the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49 in other words the super bowl, jim axelrod tells us hosting the game is like a coming out party for a city reborn. >> streetcars rolled on the brand new loyola line in new orleans, and mechanic bruce godfrey says that tells us everything we need to know about the recovery here. we have not only backed to prekatrina levels i think we have moved forward we now have a new line that wasn't here when katrina hit so the katrina is behind us. >> when hurricane katrina hit godfrey's home was swamped by storm waters and he rode out the storm in a repair center for the transit system. >> and you thought this yard was safe right? >> never had flooded before. >> it did this time, sub meshing
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buses and 32 streetcars were lost. >> i actually stayed here and watched them go underwater and it was a helpless feeling. didn't know if i would ever see them again. >> it took a year and a half to replace the wiring and rebuild each mahogany seat by hand. now the cars like the city itself are back on track. >> katrina is still more than just a memory in the lower ninth ward, abandoned homes and empty lots still scar the area, but tourism, trade and oil have given the city a strong economic foothold. sales tax collections are up 15 percent in the last two years, six percent higher than before katrina. louisiana is one of only six states with more people employed now than before the great recession, and new orleans is the fastest growing city in america. >> bruce godfrey loves the idea of the city's first post katrina super bowl but says they don't need a football game here to tell them what they already know. >> everything has been rebuilt.
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our lives have been restored. and we are just looking towards the future. >> if you are going to use the iconic new orleans streetcars as a symbol consider this, construction on another line begins next year an 87 percent of the riders are locals. mostly on their way to work, scott, or to school. >> pelley: nice story jim. tell me what does being on this national stage mean for the folks in this town. >> reporter: i think bruce godfrey a mechanic says it best we have been recovering for a couple of years, it is only because of all of the focus on the city because of the super bowl that the rest of the country is now finding out about the miracle of economic recovery here. >> pelley: thanks, bruce. we will take you to the super dole next. another symbol of the big easy's recovery from a friday naah. and, katrina and a code of silence is letting people get away with murder in chicago. when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> pelley: back now from new orleans. jesse jackson is calling on president obama to come to chicago to confront the gun crisis. today, jackson led mar cherz to the park where a 15-year-old girl was shot to death this week a mile from mr. obama's chicago home. the police say that it is likely she was the victim of a gang war. dean reynolds has discovered why gang gang related murders have become so difficult to solve. for almost seven years, pam and tom bosley have been hoping for a measure of justice. >> my son terrell was murdered april 4th, 2006. >> reporter: but no one has paid a price except terrell's family. >> the first year when this happened to terrell, it was real hard for me, and i tried to take my life twice.
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>> reporter: a suspect was arrested and tried, but then acquitted, the evidence was sparse, the witnesses willing to testify, few, even though terrell was shot in a church parking lot on a busy street. >> people were out there, but nobody said anything, yes, people coming home from work they were driving back you had to see somebody running down the street with a gun and shooting it. >> reporter: in many of these murders, a code of silence descends like a burial shroud. tom byrne is chicago's chief of detectives. >> people don't want to cooperate, and don't, violate the snitch code, people who live in the community, the good people they may be fearful. >> reporter: 87 percent of the murders in chicago involve shootings and they can be especially hard to solve. >> all we may have would be a casing and unfortunately a blood swab from a victim and that's it. >> reporter: 20 years ago, chicago's homicide rate was much higher, but the arrest rate was as well. 60 percent in 1992.
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last year, it was just over 25 percent. police union vice president daniel gorman blames years of budget cutbacks. >> statistics show that we don't have enough cops. >> reporter: next week, the city will add 70 new detectives to the force, the first addition since 2007, but gorman says chicago needs at least 200 without them-- >> the murder rate is going to keep going, and the clearance rate is going to continue to fall. >> reporter: and that is almost an incentive to the shooters who know as well as the cops that three out of four times, they will get away with it. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> paul: a new york woman who went missing in turkey was found dead today in istanbul. 33-year-old sarai sierra was last heard from on january 21st, the day she was due home, her body was discovered in a poor neighborhood of the city, the police have arrested 11 people for questioning.
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here in new orleans, we are going back to the super dome reborn after the horror of hurricane katrina, that's next. ext.
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>> pelley: back now from new orleans, inside the super done, the scene of sunday's game. in august of 2005 when
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hurricane katrina was coming to shore, the superdome was declared a shelter of last resort. thousands of people filled the stands, mostly the boar the handicapped and the elderly. but then the levees broke and all of those people were trapped, there was no electricity, little fool, and little water. one of the people brought in to turn the situation around was an army lieutenant general by the name of russel honore. >> if it was one thing i had abundance of confidence in is that we could get this done, this was logistics. and logistics can be done with the right collaboration and coordination and. >> and you saw those people standing around the superdome and you said to yourself what? >> how did this happen, my god, but let's get it fixed. >> with on the ground the trucks are loaded, you can make that happen? >> i can make that happen.
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>> you the man. >> yes sir. >> russel honore he led the effort, the mayor of new orleans called russel honore that john due. >> that john wayne dude. >> when we spoke to him for 60 minutes there were still bodies floating in the streets. >> and people are saying where is the army? where is the national guard? why is this taking so long? >> it took time to get here. and who on that first day knew the levee was going to break? >> russell russ's helicopters he advantage braid the sick and elderly, trucks and buses carried the rest of the superdome refugees. a. last time we were here, therewas water pouring through the roof. >> absolutely and about 16,000 people standing outside waiting to get out of here and there was a walk through, one of the guards said we need to get more guards. >> i said we don't need guards, these are our people, these are americans. we will be all right. the guy said hey hey, bro, are
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you going to get us out of here and the guy standing next to him, that is a three star general, we are going to get some help now. that's all i needed. we got to work. >> general russel honore retired in 2008 and wrote two books on emergency preparedness and leadership. >> it means a lot to see the city come back from where it was, and to see the pride in the people in new orleans on this week, who are hosting the super bowl and hosting mardi gras, and the pride of their city, that it is back in the spotlight. >> retired army lieutenant general russel honore, we have a program note for tomorrow, during the pregame show, we will sit down live at the white house for an interview with president obama. that will be at 4:30 eastern time. when we come back in just a moment, we will have a story about another one of the citizens of new orleans that makes this one of the greatest cities in america. we will be back to new orleans
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in just a moment.
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>> pelley: finally tonight this city has a rhythm and a beat like no other. jazz is in its dna, michelle miller introduces us to one of the musicians who makes new orleans swing. >> welcome shorty. >> troy andrews may never outgrow his childhood nickname,
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20 years ago he was dubbed trombone shorty a horn blowing projectprodigy who, prodigy who led jazz parades at five years old with an instrument twice his size. >> and it was always heavy so i was always leaning to the side. >> did it throw you off balance. >> yeah. >> i was parading up the street tilting over, my mom had to be there to make sure i didn't go over. >> andrew grew up in a tough neighborhood when he was ten an older brother was murdered. that is when several prominent residents decided andrews was one street kid who would not fall through the cracks. they got him into prestigious music school, men ford him kept him grounded. you often say and people often say this city raised you. >> i had a lot of people in the whole city to watch out for me. even today people are looking out for me. it is just a blessing people cared that much and made sure i stayed on the right path. >> now 27 andrew has performed
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200 night as year has a grammy nomination. >> trombone shorty. >> an acting gig on hbo's show and a white house performance that had everyone getting into the act. >> now andrews is playing -- paying it forward, the ten of these anxious young new situations will be elected for the trombone shorty music academy. >> just give me a baaa. >> funded by donations and a partnership with tulane university, it will give kids intensive training, business skills and career guidance. >> what would you think all of your mentors would say to you as they see you launch your foundation? >> i think they would tell me you are supposed to be doing this. this is what we have done for years, and that's the way new orleans and the musicians and people pass things down, and hopefully we can change someone's life or save a life. >> a kid named shorty standing
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tall in the big easy. ♪ >> michelle miller, cbs news new orleans. >> pelley: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, i am. >> mr.ttpelley in new orleans, we will see you from the white house tomorrow with president obama. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh what happened just before shots rang out. 2 bart stations closed for hours. the problem on the tracks that had the bomb squad on the scene. and it's like a rehearsal. the 49ers and ravens take one last walk-through of the super dome before the big game. cbs five eyewitness news is next. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> and gooevending. fans and players eager for football's biggest game. this is a look at the superdome where it will all happen beginning 3:30 our time tomorrow. all right. let's begin our live team coverage with dennis o donl. dennis we are almost there. >> oh, you know, ann it reminds me of hank williams, jr. are you ready for some football, and we couldn't be ready enough. if time has come. i think the day before the super bowl saturday it's always kind of strange. they're already tearing down the media center. the press conferences are over and all the attention shifts to
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